Versatile Ladder Barrel<br>Michael King<br>Class 769

Versatile Ladder Barrel
Michael King
Class 769

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Wonderful! I feel taller just watching this! More Michael and more Ladder Barrel please!
Nice work enjoyed watching!
Love the ladder barrel. Thanks for including!! Can't wait to try this format out.
Fabulous! I've been waiting for a good ladder barrel class. I haven't felt this good in weeks. Please do more, Michael!
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What a wonderful stretch workout. Now I will use the ladder barrel much more. Thank you for the creative ideas.
Excellent, thank you! Gave me the courage to try being upside down on my own.
Looove to have a ladder barrel class!
Careful Tracy. There's no harm in practicing with a friend/husband/fellow Pilates instructor to spot you ... but if that isn't available, keep your arms straight!!!
Ohhh, my stiff body. This ladder barrel sequence was heavenly,... learned some new stuff. Thank you, thank you!!!!
Karen Sanzo
Fun, engaging and creative. Thank you.
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