Versatile Ladder Barrel<br>Michael King<br>Class 769

Versatile Ladder Barrel
Michael King
Class 769

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Wonderful class I'm so stretched out and relaxed not sure how I'll teach my next class :)
Paola Maruca
looooove it.....more more more please!!!!!!
Cant wait to try tomorrow!! Thank you
Looking great Kristy. Miss you

Hope you enjoy it
Thank you! Just what I needed today!
Thank you Heikki for your comments
Michael King has done it again: taking a new twist on Pilates movements to create a fluid and creative new choreography while remaining focused on alignment. Love this class! Especially with kegs hanging over the side of the barrel!
Thankyou I love these stretches!
Love this...trying to find a pre-owned Peak Pilates ladder barrel. Message me if you know of any available. Thank you
Your Pilates moves is a blessing to me, a dentist.
Everything you teach is geared towards arthritic neck and shoulders which I think I have
The side turns with the arms make me say ouch but after I feel relief
I hope you have more in store
I am a devoted fan of yours
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