Archival Tower Exercises<br>Amy Taylor Alpers<br>Class 783

Archival Tower Exercises
Amy Taylor Alpers
Class 783

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That was really special. I love the archival work.
like like like! Thank you so much for putting this out there. Brought me back 3 summers, in fact this archival work inspired our "tower power" class. Wonderful reminders!
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One word. Awesome. Can't wait to share this with my clients using the Pilatesstick. Thank you Amy & thank you,as always, PA
For me it Was impossibile using blue spring but as you wrote it is 3level class. I hope someone want to teach some modification next time . Grazie Monica
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Beautiful beautiful class. Thank you Amy!
Kailey you can see how much I struggled too. I think it must be a bit easier when Amy is standing right next to you... That said this was one of the hardest classes I've ever taken... I loved it and I did it, but I definitely needed to "get my guy on" to complete it!
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Love the "Stirring the Pot" exercise. A definite for October Halloween Class. Stir the witches brew ;) Also really enjoyed all of the spiraling and rotation. As always Amy delivers a great class with lots of insight and depth. I gotta get out to Boulder more often this year. It's in the plans.
I'll meet you there Laurel!
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I have never seen some of these exercises. It made so much sense to me! Wow! Thanks so much for sharing this. What great teaching! Yeah, some strong arm moves!
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Thank you Amy, from Louisville! How yummy!
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