Archival Tower Exercises<br>Amy Taylor Alpers<br>Class 783

Archival Tower Exercises
Amy Taylor Alpers
Class 783

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Really fabulous class! Thank you Amy. I watched this class once before participating and that made for an excellent and flowing workout that I will definitely come back to. Thanks PA and Kristi!
I just have to say how much I enjoyed watching this, Amy and ladies-- What fun, I wish I could have been there! But that's the beauty of PA-- you really do feel like you ARE there. :)
A wonderful look into some great archival Cadillac work; in my humble opinion, we don't play enough with the archival work, and I so appreciated seeing it for the first time in long while. I love to "get my guy on," and the next time you're around, Amy, I want to be your student! Fabulous workout- Thank you!
Benjamin Degenhardt
Fantastic! I just got to witness some of the original videos of Joe Pilates working with Romana and Ted Shawn doing exactly these exercises. Wonderful application here!
Raymond Harris
Loved the session. Thank you!
It is great to see a Spring Wall/ Tower workout.
Reiner G
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Hi Amy, thank you for recording this class. Very interesting exercises. Could you or Benjamin give a little hint where to find the archival video material. Thanks.
adding to Reiner's post...

...or where we could respectfully and appreciatively show it to other people? I have at least one idea about that...
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wow that felt amazing. was with sore back and it just released it all. thank you. Hoping to join your workshop in Israel soon.
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Great review of the archival material. I just went through all these at a workshop and it was very useful to see them again.
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This was totally super delicious!!! I loooovvveed it Amy! I cannot wait to share it with my strongest buddies! Love ya and love PA!
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Love this class!
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