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Cara Reeser
Cara Reeser
Discussion 787

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WOW! the joy Cara lives and exudes is wonderful.
I have watched these video's many times, it gives me a wonderful feeling to hear Cara talk about her experiences. I am a newbie instructor and am just so glad to be able to suck Pilates Anytime in, like a sponge. Love this website and am passing the word to all of my Pilates friends.
Thank you Jean! Cara is a real ambassador of all that is good about Pilates. Tradition, community, connection, legacy, experience, knowledge and most of all joyful presence. I'm so glad you found her early in your exploration of our site.
Thank you, Cara Reeser, for sharing Kathy Grant's inspiration and some of your own song too! Joyous!
Thank you Lita. Be sure to watch the documentary on Kathy as well. :)

Helena B
Thank you. This is beautiful. I love the historical context. The song you sing through movement without necessarily moving -- how to be open to and ready for life as well as Pilates.
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