Foam Roller and Magic Circle<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 847

Foam Roller and Magic Circle
Amy Havens
Class 847

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YES! i have been anxiously awaiting another class like this from you Amy! thank you!! i started my day doing the first half, and will end my day doing the second half. love it!
Thank you Cindy!! How did the second half of the class go for you?
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i thought it was great Amy! thanks again. it's like medicine for my body. i wasn't crazy about the end ring-balancing thing...for whatever reason it felt like my back was a bit irritated. but all good!!! :)
As you could see the ending for me wasn't stellar either.....but on we go! Talk to you again!
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Loved the props! The standing series with the magic circle was incredible work for the ankle complex, I'm still feeling it. Thank you for the great cues!
Hi Paula......thank you! Yes, the standing series at the end is wonderful for many things and very good for ankle stability. Although this filmed class wasn't my absolute best in stabilization or balance (as you can see), I see find value in the exercises and will keep on keepin on!
Hello Amy, well done. Your class was terrific. I love the balance challenges and specificity of each exercise. This adds an extra dimension to what I can teach my Pilates classes. Thank you. Jennie Thomson
Thank you Jennifer! Nice hearing from you!
OK i can't take this anymore!!! This class was the last from Amy and that's 6 weeks ago! Amy where are you??!!!!!
Kerry~ I know it's shameful! And she only has one class waiting to be edited! Amy has been pretty busy lately but I will tell her that she needs to film more classes for all of you!
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