Foam Roller and Magic Circle<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 847

Foam Roller and Magic Circle
Amy Havens
Class 847

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Hi Kerry! I'm still here....I've actually filmed several classes and they're waiting to be edited. Stay tuned....something should go up soon! I have a Cadillac class, a Reformer class and at least one Mat class waiting to go up. Pilates Anytime has been quite busy in the last month and is bringing so many good teachers into the mix....we all have to wait our turn! :)
Thank you Amy! This was a great class and I loved challenging my balance even though it was quite humbling. I liked the side lying series even though I am not strong enough in that shoulder area to lift my hips up for some reason. I feel very accomplished! :)
Hi JSeifel.... stick with it.....the side lying section with lifting the hip can take some time (it did for me!), but so gratifying when the day comes where it feels a bit easier! My balance is quiet different from side to side so I recognize the challenges!
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I love using props whilst exercising; this class is a good combination of foam roller and magic circle...thank you so much Amy
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Thank you Cigdem , this was from such a long time ago.  Fun to see someone take class from me back at in the early days of filming at my studio in Santa Barbara!
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Outstanding instruction with the typical for Amy Havens attention to detail. Thank you, Amy!
Maria P Thank you so much!
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