Arches and Curls<br>Pat Guyton<br>Tutorial 857

Arches and Curls
Pat Guyton
Tutorial 857

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Enjoyed this - what a lovely way to explain arches and curves.
Yes, I agree, non-movers struggle with knee stretches on the reformer.... thank you for sharing a tool to clarify or create an experience to draw from.
Nice way to introduce knee stretches. Easy to understand, not very difficult even for non movers. It also worked when I taught Pelvic lift.
Just what I needed! Thank you!!
Glad that everyone is enjoying and sharing.
Very Nice. It's so hard to get people to connect to the nuances of pelvic movement
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This was Great. Thank you Pat, I enjyoyed how clear your use of language and the pace you set with the tone of your voice. I'm going to try this tomorrow . I love having a new tool that is so clear. I'd love to see more of this and it would be great to see you teaching someone off the street that hasn't done Pilates. I feel that I get to see other instructors teaching other instructors at workshops but because I am usually alone in my studio I miss seeing other instructors teach the average person new to learning about movement. thanks again you are a great teacher.
Hi Misty,
Thank you! When people understand how the body works, it is a motivation to do certain exercises that may have seemed just routine or not important in the class. When I question most teachers about which exercises they do not like to teach or which ones the students do not "get", they often include Knee Stretches in that list. I say "let's make that a favorite!"
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Thank you for your affirmations regarding my teaching. It is my mission to inspire and mentor others to enjoy the success of teaching others.

You bring up an important point. How do we teach a new person? I like that challenge. It really depends on the individual. Sometimes they respond immediately and others "wake up" after a few more sessions. What I find interesting is what I call "the door into the embodiment". Usually the pelvis and the core are the first place. However, some people need to be persuaded by having their perception of their problems address first. For instance, I had a runner who just came for the chest and breathing. Once I gained her trust, we could move into a more classic approach. I believe that gaining trust psychologically is just as important as providing exercise.
Thanks Pat. I'd love to hang out with you some day and observe you teaching. For now, I'm so lucky to have Pilates Anytime. I have used this technique since my last post and it was fabulous for some clients. One in particular had a 'light bulb moment" on the feet in straps when I related her spinal position in relation to the warm-up on the balls. It will stay in my bag of tricks for a long time to come.
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