Arches and Curls<br>Pat Guyton<br>Tutorial 857

Arches and Curls
Pat Guyton
Tutorial 857

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Thank you for sharing that tip Laurie! Where do you live? I am coming to watch you. The beauty of Pilates Anytime is that we are reaching out and helping each other become better teachers
within the Pilates community.
Thank you Pat and Laurie!
That is great Pat, Thanks!
Hello Elena! Wherever you are teaching. I know that you and I have shared our mutual love of Pilates and seek to elevate our students to a better experience as practioners and teachers. I fully expect that you will use this tool and report back to me!
An absolutely perfect explanation to use with my clients. But I would like to clarify one " point", no pun intended. When Amy is in a supine position with the Franklin balls in position, her tail bone 'points' in the direction of upward or downward, depending on the pelvic tilt. When in a prone kneeling position, the tail bone direction is now relative to the new position. Therefore when the sitz bones close ( for c-curve) the tail bones direction is downward toward the pubic bone and as they open (for arch) the tail bone is the upward direction. Thank you I just needed clarification on that
Excellent! When doing this brief tutorials, it is not possible to get every aspect of the movement of the bones. We understand as Pilates teachers, everything is connected. When the two pelvic halves rotate so that the sit bones open, the top of the sacrum goes forward and thus the tailbone goes backward. When the sit bones come together, the top of the sacrum moves backward and thus the tailbone moves toward the pubic symphysis. When teaching students, I look to see whether cueing is best from the sit bones or from the tailbone. This is individual and they may like changing the focus from day to day. Love your comment!
Me gusto mucho, que manera mas inteligente de conseguir buenos resultados. Gracias.
Thank you I really enjoyed this...great cueing to bring clearer understanding.
I am so glad that you enjoyed this.
I love the practical application of this from the Mat to the Reformer. A great tool to help the client(and myself!) get the correct placement on Knee Stretches.
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