Long Box with Benefits<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Tutorial 872

Long Box with Benefits
Karen Sanzo
Tutorial 872

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Fantastic....love this. I plan to adapt this using a step with risers! Oh they're gonna love it. Thank you Karen...ESP loved the control used not to extend spine...carried through to supine on box with finding level, and loved the ending standing sequence. You rock!
Any recommendations for substitute at-home props if one does not have a long box?
Karen Sanzo
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Miriam, I have used a stack of blankets, a yoga bolster, and I have even used couch cushions that were firm. Have fun and be creative.
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Amazing .New Ideeas, excellent teaching.Thank you. Looking forward to learn more from you.
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loved this worl!!
Genius. Thank you!!
(Is there a way to add this to my favorites even though it's technically a workshop?)
Jeri Ann ~ We do not presently have a way to add this to your favorites. I think it is a good idea and we will add it to the "To Do List".
Thanks, John!
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excellent! I am hooked
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