Long Box with Benefits<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Tutorial 872

Long Box with Benefits
Karen Sanzo
Tutorial 872

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love it ,,more exercise with the Long Box ,,Thank you Karen ,, Genius
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Karen, you are my hero! Thank you for this excellent workshop. I can't wait to try these advanced fundamentals. You have created a way to get into some very deep work, yet make it manageable and accessible for all bodies. Absolute genius! More of this please.
Myriam Kane
Very nice!! Thank you!
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Very nice!
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Love the fundamentals. Love these variations. Keep them coming.
Was just thinking I m not using long box enough .. thank you Karen, for "Long box w/ benefits " .
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Great! This will be helpful for so many clients!
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For me, this class has been one of the most transformative “mat” classes I’ve taken on this site. Karen you are an amazing teacher! You break down every exercise to the smallest level so that it is initiated and felt in the correct area. I plan to do this workout several times a week now.

I would be interested in your tips as to keeping thighs engaged at all times. I often find that I have “let them go”. I’m currently trying to keep a tennis balls between them for most exercises to remind me to engage, but I’m still having varied results. Maybe just more practice is necessary?

Thank you again! One of my very favorite workouts on this site!
Karen Sanzo
Love receiving feedback on the my classes. They inspire me to keep creating classes and tutorials that help others learn. watch for more long box classes to come.
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Love the pace and queuing! Give great focus on all the little muscles and balancing that go into such subtle movement!
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