Full-Body Exploration<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 885

Full-Body Exploration
Meredith Rogers
Class 885

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Thank you everyone! I love hearing from you.
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What an amazing class! Thanks- I feel very "open" across the chest/shoulders now, with terrific posture- awesome feeling!
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Fabulous class and finally gives me something to do with my ball as opposed to it rolling around the room, the cat wasn't to sure about the new prop though!
Thank you ladies! And HAPPY THANKSGIVING. I am thankful for you.
love it!
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Great visual cues ;)
Sarah N
Loved the ball for variation from my normal workout :) Hamstrings are going to be grumpy tomorrow!
Thanks Sarah!
I have nerve issues that affect my shoulders and move down my arms into my hands. I found the shoulder stretches and movements in this class to be VERY therapeutic. The instructor maintains a relaxed and focused enviornment and offers helpful instruction. I was happy to see a quality ball class. Thanks!
You are most welcome Sara. Thank you for taking class with me!
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