Myofascial Lines Reformer<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 889

Myofascial Lines Reformer
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 889

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I always chuckle as I listen to Elizabeth, lovely to have some humour. Wonderful ideas and I look forward to trying these moves with my privates this week.
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I too love Elizabeth's wit and humor. It demonstrates her astute wisdom and knowledge to explain difficult concepts with such ease and frivolity. Pilates should be fun and Elizabeth brings that to her ingenius classes! thank you!
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That was amazing!! I had to cut out a few moves because of time but I look forward to doing the entire workout again!!
Thank you Elizabeth and yes we appreciate your sense of humour !!
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I look forward to trying this workout .. My hubby been in hospital since yesterday and I've done way too much sitting.. this looks to be a lovely workout. Elizabeth is just a precious person!! I always enjoy her style.
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Amazing. Glad you're back. I liked the video angle a lot for the jumps. Please continue to do that.
I appreciate the work with thoracic rotation and stretching the deep front line. I really like this program and the information about variations. I also love the long workouts- 60 mins or more.
Thank you.
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I really enjoyed this class. On the foot jump series, I was feeling a little twinge in my lower back on one side. Any suggestions from anyone? Planting my lower back on the carriage seemed to help but I am not sure if that is ok. Thanks!
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Unbelievably informative and enjoyable! Love your sense of humor, Elizabeth! Thank for sharing this with us!
Ronda P
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Nothing short of Pure brilliance!!! Intelligence in motion for a fascia festival!
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This class has inspired me. Thank you Elizabeth. Will you be doing any Wunda chair classes? Ive enjoyed your podcasts. Thanks again for sharing. I will put it to good use.
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