Myofascial Lines Reformer<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 889

Myofascial Lines Reformer
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 889

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I loved this one. Elizabeth is not only an amazing teacher, but she also has a true comic flair!
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Wow! Thank you for all that yummy rotation! Amazing moves that go so deep. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your knowledge with us. I look forward to using some of this with my clients.
Hi Denise, Here is a link to all the classes Elizabeth has done for PA so far (there is a Wunda Chair class!). There is still one more class to come that should be available in the next week or two. EL returns to film more classes in Feb!

Elizabeth's existing PA classes as of 11/27/12
Thanks Kristi, I forgot about that one. Didnt get a chance to meet you but I saw you at the party in Vegas, it was such fun.
Anna Hartman
Absolutely love this workout and Elizabeth!
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Superb! Huge Larkam fan! Beautiful class and love the "not your forefather's Mermaid" and "as fascinating as that is, it's time to move on." What a treasure!
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Wonderful inspiring 3dimensional work! Thank you so much!
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Hi Elizabeth, I was wondering…. During the pelvic bridge moves, what would be the suggestions in regards to people with back issues such as spinal stenosis or bulging discs? I love your cuing is so precise, thanks.
Denee sorry for the spelling of your name in my post to you... I'd like to blame auto correct but... we don't have that! I hope we meet at the next party!
Kailey, ditto! I am finding myself quoting Elizabeth in my best EL voice when I am alone. "As fascinating as that is..." its time to do the the laundry etc..." I love it and her!
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