Myofascial Lines Reformer<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 889

Myofascial Lines Reformer
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 889

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love you Elizabeth, you have taught me so much through all these years! great class, as expected!
Brilliant program as always. I have a question about the mermaid series: is it better for the lower back to instigate the rotation from the gaze of the eyes? I think I'm observing this from your movement, but wanted to know if starting the cueing in this way could be more beneficial while teaching in a larger class setting? I'm sorry if that isn't a super clear inquiry.
Mastaneh, thank you for appreciating this class. Probably better for the lower back to initiate the movement from the pelvis: 'As your navel turns to the left your gaze sweeps along the ceiling. As your right sitting bone returns to the carriage your gaze sweeps along the floor. I hope that this helps.
Thank you Elizabeth. I'll work with this cue.
Also, thought I should mention that this class has aided my practical understanding of what you presented in the workshop you have on PA with Tom Myers.
I just finished working out I'm getting up early to try this one next time.
Esmeralda B
Wonderful work, Elisabeth. Always innovative. Thank you for his wisdom. Regards from Madrid, Spain.
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Bravo! Much of the class was a tad over my head, but it didn't stop me from getting a lot out of it. I will surely return to it again and again. Thank you!
Emily  M
I just love Elizabeth Larkam! I have the BB DVDs from when I bought my Allegro reformer/tower and I'm so glad she is here on PilatesAnytime. This is an excellent workout as are all of Elizabeth's videos! Thank you!
Thank you so much Emily! You and I go back a long time. Welcome to Pilates Anytime. So glad this class works for you. I filmed this class in 2012, my first year with PA.  Please access my reformer and many other classes every year through 2021, the beginning of the pandemic. Love to hear from you as you explore more.
Sofie van der Sommen
Another wonderful class! Elisabeth I have a question, during the preparation of the extend plain mermaid I get a little dizzy, mainly when my right hand is on the footbar, I think it has to do with the balance organ? Do you have an opinion about this? Kind regards Sofie
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