Mat for Menopause<br>Carolyne S.<br>Class 892

Mat for Menopause
Carolyne S.
Class 892

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I can't believe that mine is the last comment. Doing this class again and absolutely loved it all!!!
Just what I needed to prepare for several days of speaking and preaching. Lovely blend of relaxation and inner strengthening.
Loved this.  Really good reminder that it's always a good thing to go back to basics and work at a quieter pace as  it's still so effective if not more so.  
Cynthia G
This was a great class for me.  Love the cues from the bones.  Recently done some of the pelvic floor classes, I felt those really helped me to focus on the cues for the drawing in of the bones. PA must bring this class back to the attention of everyone.  Thank you.
I would love to be able to do this class again, but there aren't any adaptations for those of us who have to be careful with different parts of our back or who have weak abs. I stopped at about 20 minutes because it was slow rollups that I wasn't physically able to do and there were no suggestions for modifications.
Michelle C ~ We're sorry to hear that you weren't able to complete this class. We have a playlist of modifications that can be used to help with many exercises. It might be useful for this class and others. You can find it here. Also, we'd be happy to help you find other classes that may work for you too. Please email us at if you have any questions.
Cynthia G
AH SO glad I re-visited this class.  Thanks .
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