Correcting Posture<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 895

Correcting Posture
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 895

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Wonderful cues and movement patterns..can't wait to try out with my yoga and pilates clients. Thank you!!
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very interesting. Thank you.
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I have to bring a notebook to every class with Elizabeth! Wonderful bits of information flow with the movements so that I want to follow those ideas and integrate the new information. I love the Feldenkrais! This class feels so good.
Anna Hartman
Love it!!!
this is fabulous!
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Elizabeth's dry and, I say this with affection, almost autistic sense of humour which she sneaks in her sentences has me belly laughing every time. So much joy in the details and always a refreshing take on pilates. Thank you!
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Dear Elizabeth... Always love your classes!
Watching you teach, listening to your voice, wonderfull cues, your sense of humor, and of course all your knowledge...
Thank you
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This is a very useful sequence of flowing movements. Lovely and effective cueing. Thank you for your beautiful spirit.
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Love this class-- especially the cueing for the gaze--wonderful. And Elizabeth's cat-like elegance coupled with her dry wit-- just wonderful!
Thank you for your wonderful cues and this great movements!
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