Correcting Posture<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 895

Correcting Posture
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 895

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Thank you Elizabeth. I learn something new from you every time I watch and/or take a class from you. Posture felt great and always more aware.
Forever with Gratitude,
Your long time student
Really enjoyed this class. Would like to check if the move at 20 minutes 35 seconds onwards with the foot against the wall would be a good one to do with my antenatal class. Please advise.
Many thanks,
Elizabeth you are so inspiring. I just adore your classes. I wonder if you could reccomend any particular exercises for the SI Joint? I am wondering if some of the rotational exercises here would be of any help or a hinderance. Mine does like to give me a good bit of grief when I overdo or sometimes after I have been on the reformer? would these be ok to do?
Is the move at 21 minutes when stretching the pelvic floor suitablle for pregnant Women? I would really like to include it if it is.Hope you get a chance to answer this query
Ann, I admire your dedication as an instructor to seek effective material for your pregnant clients. Although the sequences in quadruped with thoracic rotation may appear at first glance to be suitable during pregnancy I do not recommend these mat class moves for pregnant clients. Ligamentous laxity in combination with weight gain concentrated at the front of the torso may place unsafe load on the entire spine, SI joints, shoulder girdle, shoulder joints, elbows, wrists and hands. Spine rotation is often discouraged in movement classes due to ligamentous laxity and increased strain on connective tissue and joint capsules. Preferable to focus on side lying, appropriate 4-point supported quadruped with forearms on a box, sitting, conservative lunges and standing with wall support for balancing. Always require that your clients exercise only with the permission of their medical team. Ask supervising physicians for guidance and document your client's programs and progress.
Ann, continuing the above comment: You have a great responsibility and are making a very rewarding contribution. All the best to you!
PS Thank you for you patience. Your first question posted while I was teaching for Pilates on Tour Atlanta. The second posted while I was filming 4 new programs for Pilates Anytime. For the moment you and I are caught up with each other
Jamie, thank you for appreciating my classes and for your generous praise. Although each sacral iliac joint dysfunction is unique, there are recognizable patterns that emerge. If you have a chronic SI joint condition that you are not able to manage with movement please seek the advice of a highly skilled osteopath, physiatrist or manual physical therapist. Sometimes movement is necessary but not sufficient. Please read my continued message in the next post as there is a limit of 1,000 characters.

Jamie, continuing: your treating physician may recommend an SI belt to improve stability. You can focus on stability of the pelvis and lumbar spine while developing thoracic mobility in lateral translation, side bending,rotation, extension and flexion. Consider integrating vision with movement as sometimes a dominant eye can create asymmetrical spirals through the structure that aggravate the SI joint. When practicing new moves always move 2 millimeters less than would be too much! All the best to you for comfort and ease.

Elizabeth! I really love your way of teaching and your innovative ideas from Feldenkrais,Gyrotonic and generally from movement! I'd love to have the possibility to learn from you more and more!!
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Thank you Elizabeth! I'd pinched a nerve in my low back that hurt so bad I needed a chiropractic adjustment, which helped. However, I was still in pain before this class, and after this class I'm not in pain. What a small miracle!
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