Neck Relaxation Exercises<br>Anthony Lett<br>Class 906

Neck Relaxation Exercises
Anthony Lett
Class 906

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Thank you Veronica :)
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Thank you Anthony for sharing your wonderful knowledge! It felt great in my own body! And I know I will use them often!
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Kimra I happy you tried the exercises. I use them once or twice weekly, and have done for about ten years. No headaches, less stress. Must be good!
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THANK YOU Anthony, my neck feels wonderful !!!!!
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Wonderful stretch. I can feel a release in blood flow through my neck area. Thank you.
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Amy that is nice to hear. keep it up :)
Raymond Harris
G'day Anthony, again a very well taught and fun session. I, like most people hold way too much tension in the upper traps and neck, so releasing this tension helps you feel taller and shoulders softer and away from the ears. Thanks mate.. Raymond
Raymond, you are my new best Mate! Thanks for all the terrific feedback. Im glad you find the work useful. :)
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Thank you Anthony,I have had a tight neck all through Christmas
Your class was the best present of all !
My neck feels so much better
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