Neck Relaxation Exercises<br>Anthony Lett<br>Class 906

Neck Relaxation Exercises
Anthony Lett
Class 906

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Trish that is lovely of you. Happy 2013 and keep up the stretches. :)
Ann S
Thank you Anthony, for giving a new perspective on an often left out part of the body!! My participants are going to benefit greatly. How timely as one of my participants just asked for some exercises to release the hard to get at scalenus muscles.
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Pleasure Ann. Your lower Scapula work will be more effective having relaxed the scaplua elevators too.
I think Ive been holding all that christmas tension in my neck too. Feels wonderful now after your thorough stretches. Thanks Anthony!
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Hi There Madonna! Fancy meeting you here! Glad you enjoyed the class. Its my masseter mucles that are sore after Xmas..from chewing so much..
Thank you Anthony! I feel great after that beautiful stretch. Cant wait to put it into practice regularly, I feel like my shoulders are at least a couple of centimetres further away from my ears now. I have a number of clients who will love your stretches as much as I do. Keep up the great work!
Loved it, the last stretch especially as thats always where I hold most of my tension, thankyou !!
Thanks Anthony, I could feel some impingement on left side of neck when stretching right side in that last stretch, but just softened the stretch and it eased. Gently as you go for sure.
Wow! After a 10 hour plane ride that felt amazing!
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Thank you, Anthony! I'm a new subscriber and this was the first class I selected. I'm so glad I did! I have chronic neck pain and will revisit this class often until I can incorporate the stretches into my daily routine. I love that I could do these at my desk when I need to get a little blood flowing again. Namaste'
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