Holiday Mat Flow<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 915

Holiday Mat Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 915

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Very nicely done. Great way to start the morning, though it is a measure of the havoc the holidays have wrought that this seemed more like 2/3 than 2! Ah well. Really enjoyed the very deliberate pace.
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Happy New Year, Yet another great class Thank You! and always with different variations, I really love that from your classes, never boring! The 40min length is perfect!!
Thanks so much for all the wonderful feedback! Thanks for taking class with me and Happy New Year everyone.
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Outstanding! Loved the Christmas hat!
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Soooo much to commend in this class. The "A" position of arms, the great work for buttocks/top of glutes, the "new" side kick position that really focuses on the obliques, great variation on swan, and the grounded swimming. ALL of it enhanced because of the way Merideth leads the way!
Great class! I loved all the variations as well. Not to sound pretentious, but there are days when I'm off and days when I'm on. This class was one of those days that I was ON! I didn't stop or cheat once! I've taken so many of your classes, that I take your cues and apply them to all my classes. You have really helped me achieve where I want to be in my Pilates work, and I feel really good about myself today. Thank you!!
Go AnneMarie!
Thank you for your class, I'm a big fan of yours... I live in Switzerland and give some Pilates classes in the little village where I live .... Hope for more great classes in 2013 ...
Thanks Dominique! Hope to meet you in person some day!
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I liked the end the best the fist work and arm movements... oh that felt good to end a 40 min workout, you hit it all in 40 mins perfect amount of time I have today!! Cheers from cold Japan.
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