Foam Roller Tension Release<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 921

Foam Roller Tension Release
Amy Havens
Class 921

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Hi Amy! Congrats on having filmed 100 classes for PA! Thank you so much for all the inspiration and insight, your classes are wonderful. Please keep them coming!!
Thank you Kerry.....I love you support and enthusiasm! :)
Has it been 100 classes? Fantastic. You are always such an inspiration to me Amy. I miss you.
Yes, can you believe it?!!! I miss you too Krista! Can I come visit soon? Need any workshops over there?! I want a surf lesson too!! :)
I`d appreciate a bit of guidance on how to select a foam roller for purchase. Thanks!
Hi Joni,
What specific questions do you have regarding what roller to purchase? Lots to consider really.

Thanks Amy, great quickie for before or after working out!

You're welcome Sue!
good explanations...what happened to the real/artificial wall with ocean? this is the first video that i've seen that doesn't have that in the background
Pilates Tot, the real ocean is about 12 miles south of Amy Haven's studio which is located in the heart of Santa Barbara. She was/is so important to us that it was worth it to us to go to her place for the first couple of years. Perhaps you'll visit both real places one day?Amy's Studo
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