Embodied Mat<br>Wendy L.<br>Class 923

Embodied Mat
Wendy L.
Class 923

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Thank you for such depth and insight. Wonderful class!!!
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Wendy is such an intelligent and inspirational guide to movement, the body, and life. Every time I witness her I know why I am so drawn to her and her teachings. I really know that she is the next step for me in my practice and teaching. One of my goals for this year is to enroll in the BB Masters Program with Wendy. I appreciate being able to hear her through PA and look forward to connecting with her more deeply in person in 2013/14.
Laurel, I agree with you completely... so much so that I DID enroll in her passing the Torch program! She is exactly where I want to go with my teaching. I feel very fortunate to have her as a guide.
So interesting...I suspect there's more sessions oN tap since we just got to RLB...super fun variation by the way! Let me know....thank you. Working on my 10,000 hours of study/practice to GREAT!
Jennifer, Wendy does have more on tap but she'll have to come back to share it all with us. We have a Reformer class of hers coming and a workshop. To my mind, they are all brilliant and are just the beginning of the many doors she is opening for us...
wendy is amazing!! I hope she will give more calsses.
Judith klein from Holland
Ann S
What a terrific awakening class!!! I'm soooo glad that you guys had trouble with the lateral rolling movement because I sure did!! Can't wait for more.
Thanks so very much.
Thank you Wendy! So glad to see you on PA! My good friend and fellow studio owner, Jen Durning, raves about you and uses so much of your philosophy in our sessions. Looking very much forward to seeing more of you on PA! I love the effortless-effort you provide!
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Thank you all for your generous feedback. As you can see, I've slowed the class down in order to create a contextual way of being in our bodies, from a whole body perspective. We're exploring "Core as relationship...with gravity, ourselves, one another, and our environment." Being present with ourselves as deeply intelligent human beings, rather than objects to be trained and fixed, creates more curiosity, discovery and natural energy when working out and teaching. You'll see how we will increase the pace of our workouts in some future classes, yet we will keep coming from that place of awareness - it's so enlivening! I'd love to hear from you with feedback, along with your experiences as you explore the wisdom of your body moving you!
Wendy, thank you for sharing your incredible reservoir of knowledge, rich experience and way of seeing and moving WITH the body! For the longest time, my song has been “effortless effort,” and the “principle of opposition,” --finding ease in the body as a deeply intelligent, connected entity while working with gravity and its natural way of being, rather than working against it, but I must tell you, you have taken this song and turned it into a symphony!
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