Embodied Mat<br>Wendy L.<br>Class 923

Embodied Mat
Wendy L.
Class 923

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Part II (I had to chop this post up because I maxed out on the characters allowed, LOL!)
As I was saying, ahem:
The way you so poetically and articulately explain how you want your audience to embrace these organic and unexplored concepts that inform all of life is stunning.
I feel compelled to reflect something back to you--this particularly gorgeous line from your session in which you so accurately and beautifully encapsulate what for me, is the very essence of this work:
“When we get in touch with the magnificence of who we are, the beauty of who we are, we begin to harvest, we are creating a garden a way of being with ourselves that is so generous and then we feed other people with that spaciousness.”
Amazing! All of it Wendy-- you are such a gift to this field, to the world. A heartfelt thank you and bow to acknowledge the deep beauty and import of your message and your teaching.
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Jennifer, your generous feedback filled my heart and fed my soul. As another longtime teacher in our Pilates community, you have certainly demonstrated that Pilates is not just a group of exercises. We both know that Joseph Pilates stood for something much greater - that people re-awaken to their ability to be self-healing and fully alive! Thank you for your collaborative spirit - we're planting seeds for a way of thinking and moving from wholeness. effort with ease, and generosity to grow and prosper in the world!
Wendy, I am so glad! Beautifully spoken once again and I couldn't agree with you more- with you on this journey in spirit, wholeness and joy!
Interesting lateral rolling exercise, the highlight of this session - thank you!
Wow!!! Intelligent insightful precise and fun !! Thank you Wendy, you have brought me back and I am inspired again!!

I have had the honor of working with Wendy for 10 life changing years (incuding being in her first Passing the Torch program...Kristi, I am SO happy you enrolled). I was first inspired by Pilates with Jennifer Kries, so what a confirmation of my journey to see her resonating with this work (I love you, Jennifer!)
I have done these workouts everyday for the last two weeks and my mind is still being renewed to this way of being generous with ourselves. I have found these principles instilled in my being slowly, just as a garden flourishes slowly. My "plot" was a parched, weed-infested wasteland, but going back to Wendy's guidance has reinvigorated the garden, not only of my body, but my way of being and therefore my teaching. I am so blessed to be able to share this with clients and teachers. Thank you, Kristi, for this unbiased platform, where we all have the opportunity to share and grow.
As the Twelve Step people say, "Keep coming back, it works!!"
Margherita S
gracie Wendy, this is my 2nd viewing and I was able to do it all except the final rolling around like a ball, LOL! great inspiration. My sister in Norway is also pleased to meet you on this site. thanks again & hope to meet you again, soon. Margherita Shaw
I'm so grateful that you are all having fun with your exploration of "embodied" matwork...as Nanci shared so beautifully, when we allow ourselves to be supported by gravity, our perceptual field through our whole body awakens - we use our whole brain, rather than just the pre-frontal cortex which is constantly judging if we're right or wrong. Being playful brings out our innate "Inner teacher", nourishes our whole being, and we can then create a space for our others to learn to nourish themselves, and become self-healing - the true gift of Pilates!
I have been focusing my teaching on less effort recently - this is such a help. This class is so great - however I need to do over and over as some concepts I "get" but others come and then slip away as quickly as the flash of understanding I was gifted with! Thanks so much!!!
The lateral rolls - Learned a version (certainly not so poetic) when I was about 7 yrs old from a ballet teacher! I taught them to one of my first Pilates instructors - funny! They were called - and remember we were kids - pumpkin wheels? Not sure why!
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