Advanced Magic Circle Mat<br>Jennifer Kries<br>Class 927

Advanced Magic Circle Mat
Jennifer Kries
Class 927

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That was so much fun! Perfect cuing and great fast pace with breaks to learn better teaching techniques right when I needed them!
Darn! I really wanted to do this this morning. The play is only going until about the 3rd rep of hundreds and then freezes and restarts :( Anyone else having this issue?
Laurel~ I would recommend restarting your computer and watching this in Auto-Detect, a video viewing option located beneath the video player. In this mode you can also fast-forward easily to where the video stopped for you. If you continue to have problems, please email
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Ahhh...advanced. Thank you for a great way to meet myself on the mat. Thank you a million times...and thank you PA! Btw, Kristi - your jackknife is sic! And Jennifer - your ronde de jambes - astound me. Ahhh someday
Thanks Jennifer! Nothing like JK standing over you and having a camera on you to straighten you right up in your jackknife! Its all in the hamstrings!
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Yowza! What a challenging and fun class. If only I could move with such grace as everyone in this class!! I'll work up to it:) Thank you!
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Love the neck pull with the little rotation variation. Just the type of thing I like to keep my clients interested.
A huge thank you to all of you who took the time to offer your feedback here! I appreciate all of your messages and am delighted that you each experienced something fun and exciting in this class! My heartfelt gratitude to Kristi and the PA team for providing this rich and inspiring playground where we can all come together and share our gifts and discoveries!
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Yay, I finally got it to work this morning. Thank you Jennifer for a vigorous, insightful, classical Pilates Mat workout. I feel invigorated and inspired to start my day. Looking forward to meeting you and working work you this summer in Big Bear. Thanks Jennifer and PA!
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Love, love, love it. Funny - watching the rolling/ball into teaser into jackknife I had just envisioned flowers opening when Jennifer described it as such - and those who know me know I am not at ALL poetic. Just goes to show how well she cued and how well they executed. Thank you all!
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