Wunda Chair for Men<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 929

Wunda Chair for Men
Niedra Gabriel
Class 929

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wonderful class, wonderful students :)
Thank You and I really liked using the Gondola Pole for warm up again.
Great work guys! Whew!
Very good for ADVANCED men only.
Good work guys....looks hard but fun. i dont think my men can do it.Thank you
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Patricia - I know Eric and Mica are super strong guys - we just wanted to inspire the men that Pilates is also great for buff men.
Really enjoyed your class, thank you.
As always, Niedra, totally inspirational!! Great to see some of the super-advanced work featured! Love it!
Niedra Gabriel
Great to know you both enjoyed this.
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Just what I needed today (great workout with just enough challenge to keep me humble!)!
Niedra Gabriel
Great John, wonderful to hear from " a guy" about the workout - we love our men.
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