Fun and Flowing Mat<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 959

Fun and Flowing Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 959

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Can't wait for morning to try your new class! I think at 1am I'd do better to sleep. See ya soon. :)
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Great stretch and flow to increase my flexibility and strength as I get ready to hit the slopes in Sun Valley, ID. today. Every morning your programs supplement my conditioning and I am so grateful. My future requests: one 30-40 minute level 3 or 2/3 with the Magic circle and one with free weights all geared towards increasing bone density. See you back in Santa Barbara next week. Michelle
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The slightly slower pace (I'd have tagged it "deliberate") actually made many of the exercises that have become your recent favs (like supported push up)more difficult. I think it's fair to call this one the Waist Whittler.
Thanks Joni and Michelle! I love hearing from you. Michelle, I JUST taught a 30 minuted ring class so watch for it to come up soon and see you at home! Wishing I were there with you to shred up the slopes.
Michelle, per your request, I have also recently filmed a short class using hand weights. You wish is/was my command.
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Another 40 mins with Meredith, it's always a pleasure and afterwards, I am so thankful to you! Energy stored and off I go... Loved it.
Thanks Candace :)
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Awesome workout! Verbal cues are right on, easy to follow you :) I used hand weights in a few of the exercises. Loved the ab work. THAN YOU!
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Loved this class. THANK YOU.
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That was fabulous, and just what my back needed :) thank you!
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