Fun and Flowing Mat<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 959

Fun and Flowing Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 959

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Thanks for your feedback girls. I appreciate it!
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Great class! I liked the single leg push ups and the going forward action. The whole class was yummy. Thank you:)
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loved it
My friend and I are working toward our BASI certification and we just did your mat class in her basement.....AMAZING! Your creativity was so beautiful and inspiring. Thank you so much!
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feels great. thank you so much!!
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loved this class.Nice pace made me really feel the work. Thanks much
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Meredith I love the way you teaches, the excercises you select and the transitions, also the cues as Tania said.
Thank you everyone for your lovely comments and for taking class with me!
Elizabeth V
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Great flow. My abs are aching!
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This is my first post, after about two years of membership. Meredith, your classes are superb. Your cues, pacing, and transitions create a smooth flowing and challenging class. Thank you so much!
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