Postnatal Reconnect to Mat<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 971

Postnatal Reconnect to Mat
Monica Wilson
Class 971

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Yea! Monica is back! (Or maybe I've not been online in a while... )

happy days!
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I thought that abdominals like hundred or all that work concentrically the rectus abdominis were forbiden until the diasthasis was closed. sorry for my english. Can you explain us?
Monica Wilson
Hi Sonia! One should always wait 6 weeks after having a baby, 8 weeks if you have had a C-section, before beginning abdominal work. And this is a great way to get back into the swing of things! To feel more secure about when to begin, you can ask your physician specifically at your postpartum appointment:)
Monica Wilson
Glad you've found me again Heidi!:)
Matress springs and marbles - lovely imagery.
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i have never had a baby but loved this class for deliberate beginner pace really getting into my lower powerhouse. i love the magic circle it prevents so much "cheating" i do . thank you monica !
I love this class, because I can feel every part of these movements, reconnect to my body and feel the weak parts I have to work on to be back in shape. The Magic circle once again is a magic helper. Thank you Monica!
Monica Wilson
Absolutely! I really enjoyed taking the time after each baby to lay a solid foundation and come back even stronger:)
Lauren Ashley
Hi Monica-
Do you have any good recommendations for literature/resources of post-natal guidelines for Pilates? I enjoy your class a lot and want to expand my knowledge and understanding of the concepts behind pre/post natal movement and safety with Pilates.
Monica Wilson
Hi Lauren, all of my education on pre and post-natal has been through Romana's Pilates Certification Program, Continuing Education Programs, my OBGyn and my personal experiences with having 3 children. I'm sorry I couldn't be more help, Monica
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