Heart Pumping Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 973

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what a fabulous 30 minute quick workout for teachers like me who must keep up our own practice with little time. LOVED IT! Will be doing this one again and again and again!
Great fast,rigorous 30 min workout. Thanks
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30 minutes just BLEW by....I feel good too. :)
Thanks Nancy!!
Thank you ladies! Happy to be of service :)
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Now Im ready to face the day! Thanks for your inspiration Meredith! Saw you at the LV party. It was fun to see everybody dressed up!
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Favorite new quick workout. Meredith you are stunning to watch!
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Another great 30 minute class!! Love these!!Thanks!
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Hell yes! A new fantastic 30 mn work out from the fabulous teacher Meredith Rogers!!! Can't wait to try this one!
Vigorous! Who says Pilates can't be aerobic?
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