Heart Pumping Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 973

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30 perfect minutes...I am addicted to your classes. Feel good too. Respect that you keep on talking the whole time.
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Amazing! Thank you!
Wow! Such amazing feedback. Thank you all so much for taking class with me. I'll try for another 30 minute soon. Any requests?
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Hi Meredith

I am a huge fan of yours in Australia! I really love your classes and always get excited when I see a new one pop up. I only wish I could be in California to take a real class! :) Lisa
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30 minutes never went by so fast! Lovely workout as usual :)
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Meredith is seriously gorgeous to watch! Love this workout
Thanks so much everyone.
Lisa, if you are ever in California, please come and take class! It would be great to meet you :)
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Beautiful class, Meredith!! Thank you!!
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Outstanding. Great job. Thank you. Moved fluidly.
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