Intermediate to Advanced Mat
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 976

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"Kathi says "A little bit of fun." I think this class is a LOTTA fun!!
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That was like watching three Ferraris! Wonderful smiles too..... May not be able to play on the swings with you guys but its fun watching from the sandpit Thank you :)
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OMG! that was incredible to watch. Great to see Kathi on PA - I am always amazed when I see her teach! Kathi I hope you will return and inspire us with what you refer to as "a little bit of fun" Thank you!!!
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I so enjoyed the work, and the joy Kathi brings to the mat. Thank you for sharing the incredible gift of Kathi Ross-Nash with PA!
Wow! I just watched this. To reiterate what Kirsty said, this is a class of Ferraris! I need to drive my Hyundai a bit longer;) I like the idea of using the strap for neck pull as I'm not very successful at it. I hope to do this class soon. It's my goal!
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SERIOUSLY???? lol I need to work on that side plank stuff. PHEW!
I am SO happy to hear several of you say that you're going to stick with the Hyundai and play in the sandpit a little longer... This is a remarkable class, full of remarkable people, that are full of remarkable skill. It is definitely not intended for everyone. That said, I think it's worth its weight in gold (bad analogy for something that technically resides in space!) to watch the video for all that it has to offer us through its example. And Zeena, yup! Seriously! And, I know what you mean The three in this class are all students of Romana directly and this is how they learned the work and how they practice it.
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WOW. i am not sure what just happened to me, but it was AWESOME.
Fantastic class. Very intuitive. Great Cues.
thank you
Please please come back to PA! It was truly enjoyable and inspiring to watch! I love seeing the practitioners who are so close to the source of all of this very powerful work. Thanks for sharing your teaching and letting us all see you move! Please share more!
4 people like this. first then's gonna be a whole lotta practice...thanks for raising the this a level 4?

Love love love
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