Intermediate to Advanced Mat
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 976

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Love, love, love Kathi's classes. I always feel I go a little deeper, feel a little more length and a whole lot stronger. Thank you!
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Incredible class!
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Speechless, really...
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One of the phenomenal things about watching Kathi practicing Pilates is that she is one of the few that can actually work fast and furious without any detectable compensation going on in her body. I am in awe of her depth of devotion and refinement of her own practice and ultimately, her belief in Joe Pilates original work.
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The is a wonderful class, I will have to practice to master those poses with that speed. Great challenge! ty
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I absolutely love KRN's teaching style, and it was so fun to try these movements. I'll be spending a few weeks parked here to master them all. Thank you for being here!!! What a treat you are for our community!
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I think I watched most of this with my mouth open. I can't WAIT to try it!! What a finale!
Thank you for all the kindess! I would be honored to return to Pilates Anytime!!!! Thank you for welcoming me to this wonderful list of instructors and members!!!!!
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That was so fun! Thank you for a great workout!
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Great class!
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