Quick Full-Body Mat
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 977

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wow! that was revealing! man have I got some serious work to do! goin in the faves!
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I'm in agreement with Ann. The transitions were a bit too fast. I am more of a BASI devotee but welcome the opportunity to add to my practice with other Pilate philosophies. Just need a little more guidance between one exercise and the next please! Estoy de acuerdo con Laura tambien. La maestra esta super inspiradora.
The transitions ARE fast in this work out- the BEAUTY of Pilates is that we can do them fast- slow- painfully slow and at lightening speed- depending on the needs of the student. The GREAT thing is that this site offers ALL variations. I hope to be back and teach some slower classes- as well as some stronger ones. In no way am I saying this is the speed it should always be performed... but I thought it would be fun for pilates lovers to play with....
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Watched Kathryn's welcome video on PA, visited her website and then came back for round #2. LOVED it! The speed threatened me the first time....it was a fun challenge the next. If you thought it was too much or too fast the only time you tried....please try again. I'm one of the older members of this forum and the ballerinas and black belts around here are my kids! <g> PS: Kathryn, forget "linguini" as a nickname...I'd suggest "huracán"!
your giving the work out another chance fills my heart and shows your spirit and open mind! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!
LOL hurricane- I like that :))))))
Thank you Joni! You took the words right out of my mouth! The speed of Kathi's class is shocking compared to what most of us see or even get to practice... but the fact is that Kathi is demonstrating exactly as it was demonstrated to her. I don't know Romana, but based on the experience of Kathi (and Jennifer and Monica and Brett and Niedra and Adrianne and Micheal and Ton and...), I suspect Romana was incredibly charismatic and forceful. I encourage all to look back at Joe Pilates archival videos to see how he did the work. It was fast. It was athletic. It was not always pretty. It was movement to the extreme of the person's ability doing it. Kathi, Monica, Jennifer, Niedra and Colleen (the students in class) are able bodied practiced Pilates individuals too. Continued....
I am so thankful someone finally took the risk here on PA and "pushed the envelope" for an online Pilates class. I think Kathi's class is probably not suitable for most people to actually take. I think it is imperative that they know what Pilates was/is/continues to be in the space of its great expansion beyond its origins in movement therapy and general wellness. Thank you Kathi and thank you Joni for giving it another go.
I also encourage you all to check out Kathi's bio interview. You might be surprised at what else she is capable of!

Kathi's Bio
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Amazing & thanks for the link to her bio..inspiring, motivating, moving!!!
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If your smile muscles are like mine they are more of grimace the next couple of days!
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Such energy and fun. Thank you!
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