Quick Full-Body Mat
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 977

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This is AMAZING! I am exhausted just from watching :) Kathi, you are incredible!!!
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wow. Yes, definitely requires a lot of practice. Thank you
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So fun that if it wasn't so darn hard I'd want to do it all right over again. Are there "I survived a Kathryn Ross Nash class" tee shirts?
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I agree with comment from Joni....a tee shirt was earned if completing this class...standard a#% kicking class from Kathi! Love her! If working that hard earns a body like hers it just might be worth it! Thanks ladies!
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I bailed after torking my back. Too fast for a 2/3.
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And that, is what you do with a magic circle! Loved it!!!
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I feel great, energized and tired all at the same time. I put this on my favorites!! Love it. ty
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More of these! Great workout. How about a 45 minute one and slow the pace a bit.
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Fun and feels great!
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Que mujer increible!! Amazing woman!!! uffff, very very intensive class, una clases ssuuuuper intensa, congratulations!! enhorabuena!!!
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