Mat for Back Pain<br>Brent Anderson<br>Class 983

Mat for Back Pain
Brent Anderson
Class 983

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Thanks so much Brent, and PA for sharing!
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Brent, your classes are truly a gift. Thank you! I look forward to your next workshop and more classes! I am so grateful for Pilates Anytime. Not many distinguished teachers like Brent come to our area (Kentucky) and you make it
convenient and affordable to expand our minds!
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Thank you for all theses wonderful cues. It´ll help me a lot as a PT with lot of patients with lumbar pbs. And I was just waiting for such a class! We should bring a pump every time now!;) and say hello to our lumbar vertebrae!
Michelle D
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A beautiful class that expresses the intelligence of the body....thank you so much Brent and Kristi
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Never before has 'spine stretch forward' made so much sense to me! love this site :)
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LOVED!! this was sooo good!!Every time I take a class on PA I get so much more! I so appreciated this today! My joints feel soo good now. I have scoliosis S curve rototory. Normally I take the 2 or 2/3 classes but when I saw a new Brett Anderson mat class it was all over! I cant wait to do this tomorrow again and to also start incorporating some of Bretts WONDERFUL imagery into some of my classes! thanks again!!
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Excellent class. Great imagery and clear explanations. Loved it.
Crazy good learning! Thank you!
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This was excellent! I absolutely felt immediate results!
Elizabeth you, like all of us crave information and inspiration. I am thrilled to know that the instructors we choose for PA are suiting your needs. I have been watching and doing my best to learn from the likes of Brent, Rael, Amy etc.. for many years. I am so glad to hear that theiir abilities translate online for so many of us.
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