Gentle and Deep Mat<br>Deborah Lessen<br>Class 984

Gentle and Deep Mat
Deborah Lessen
Class 984

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Thanks Deborah. I did this class on day three of an acute SIJ flare up, my first effort to reconnect into my body. I made it to about minute 21! Lovely and gentle and just what I needed.
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Always love your cueing Deb great to see you on Pilates Anytime can't wait to get back to Soho to visit you x
Thank you!
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Great class! I am hoping a reformer or cadillac class is on the horizon!
JoAnn we have a great Foot and Leg Alignment class, a Mat class and a discussion with Deborah on the horizon. Oh, and she's invited to come back for that Reformer class!
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Love Deborah's work, it has stayed with me since my first class with her in 2000
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What a lovely surprise to see Deborah on Pilates Anytime :) And what a lovely class full of body wisdom :) Thanks!
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Hi Deborah, I've just rejoined Pilates Anytime after taking a break, and yours was the first class I took since rejoining. It was wonderful! Nice stretches and your cueing is so easy to follow! Kristi, can you recommend another class for good leg and hip work? I have really tight hamstrings and do a lot of sitting/computer work during the day. Any class you can recommend would be so appreciated. Thank you!
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Such a wonderful class!! The cueing is fab =)) Thank you
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Being Pregnant and sick has left me no energy but wanted to try. I felt so good after! Thank you.
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