Gentle and Deep Mat
Deborah Lessen
Class 984

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This feels so good after not working out over the winter here in Minnesota. Thank you Deborah.
Hi Mary,I'm thinking on your question here. First of all, be sure to check out Deborah's latest class on Foot and Leg Alignment. I have found when you start at the feet much more (including and especially the hips and legs) ends up being addressed no matter what you choose to do.
You'll find that class here:
Deborah Lessen Foot and Leg Alignment Class
I am also at the computer too much for my body. I call on Jennifer Kries' Waking Energy class for this and several other reasons...
Waking Energy
I've also found Courtney Miller's recent Standing Mat class very useful when I don't have much time...
${"link_type":"url", "url_id":"1025", "url":"//", "title":"Courtney Miller
Thank you all for the wonderful feedback
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Thank you, my body will now survive the week ahead in a more Pilates kind of way. Loved it from the first minute x
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Nice restart after falling off the pilates wagon.
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I am completely inspired...wonderful choreography, transitions and cueing. Am hugely looking forward to my master class with you in London this week. Thank you Deborah!
What a beautiful class. Wonderful!
Exquisite cueing--Thank you
It felt so good to do this class today!Thank you!!
I had a terrible long night last night, up with the baby for most of it, and this workout has rejuvenated me. I'm ready for the day now! Thank you!
Felt great! Been trying to get back into a regular program, and this feels perfect for a before bar tending workout!
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