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Fascial Fitness
Robert Schleip Ph.D.
Workshop 985

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Ann S
Wow...This is why I got into the field of fitness...It's NEVER boring. There's always something new and exciting. I wanted to ask how long in time or how many times do you "shift the water out of the sponge??" Thanks for sharing Dr. Schleip
Hi Ann. I don't think anybody really knows a reliable answer about your question (on how long or how many times of 'squeezing water out of the sponge'). Yet based on my personal observations in working with this approach I tend to recommend performing a squeezing movement 3-5 times in different directions. In severe cases or where I want to get them most out of this work, I tend come back and repeat the same treatment several minutes later (like at the end of that session). Like in a good German washing machine :) giving the tissues a few minutes of rest and soaking time can make a difference in how much renewal of the internal water content you get out of one treatment.
Hopefully by next year we know a more definite answer, as we now got a nice tool (MyotonPro) to assess the elastic storage property of a tissue before and after a treatment.
Ann S
Hi Dr. Schleip...Thanks for answering my question. You have allowed me to have another "AH-HA" moment. I think this new science is fascinating and I can't wait to learn more!!! I hope that both you and your wife come back SOON.
This is a workshop only for premium subscribers, which my app tells me I am not. How do I become a premium subscriber?
Helen ~ When you go to this workshop or any of our Premium workshops, it will give you the option to purchase the workshop. Once you have, you will always have access to it. I hope you enjoy it!
Hi again and thank you for your promt reply. My app does however, not give me the option to purchase this workshop. I would gladly purchase it but have not been able to find out how :(.
Helen ~ If you login to the regular site (either on your computer, phone, etc.), you will be able to purchase this workshop. Once you buy it, you will always have access to it.
Very interesting information. I feel so much better after taking the class with Divo. Question: would fascia have anything to do with nerve impingement etc? Just wondering.
Jodie - you bet! This exact issue has become a major research issue during the last 2-3 yrs. Apparently the fascial envelopes around the nerves (called 'perineurium') are frequently prone to both inflammation (the going together with pain sensitization) and to adhesion formations with the surrounding connective tissues (which prevents their gliding motions). Some clinicians now propose that both stretching as well as myofascial manual therapy may partly work as a kind of 'nerve flossing' for those adhesions. I would expect to hear more on that at the www.fasciacongress.org
Thank you Robert for responding. I suspect this is what I am dealing with. Would love to learn more on this. Thank you for sharing your knowledge it is much appreciated.
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