Magic Circle Reformer<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 987

Magic Circle Reformer
Niedra Gabriel
Class 987

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Great reformer flow as always Neidra!
Niedra Gabriel
Thanks Jaimie, enjoy the workout.
Nice short routine. I like the leg circles variation.
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Thank you. I like the way you took familiar exercises and made them feel new again through your great cueing.
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Helen and Holly, enjoy enjoy - it is always good to work out.
Nice short class. Loved it.
Great short class...Always love your classes Niedra.
Love the emphasis on less springs being more work for the valuable for people to hear and do! I'm going to recommend your class to my clients that are new to Pilates Anytime! Thank you!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you ladies, ( Heather, Davra and Danielle) for posting - I always look at your bios and feel like I know you. Glad you enjoyed the workout.
I LOVE your classes! Thank you. This one moved almost a tad too quickly - but felt great!
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