Athletic Reformer Flow<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 995

Athletic Reformer Flow
Courtney Miller
Class 995

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As always Courtney delivers an excellent routine . Thank you Courtney for this wonderful Reformer class. Your Cueing is excellent, your tone spot on and you always SMILE !!! Happy Easter from Dubln
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This was the whole body athletic workout. Really liked that you were so clear with the springs. THANK YOU!
Marlisa E
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This is such a fun and creative workout with the jumpboard. I loved the work on light challenging for the powerhouse! Also loved the hamstring work on the good to have fresh teaching ideas and it is always good to feel the depth of work in a new way just by changing spring tension. Thanks so much, Courtney!
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Courtney that was FANTASTIC!!! I feel like I worked every inch with flow non the less. You are one of my favs on here and although I might not be able to keep up with you it just adds challange and a goal for me.
I really enjoy working with the jumpboard for great interval cardio training. Q?? I am almost 5'7" so what gear bar would you suggest I start in? I have a Bal Body Clinical Reformer. I usually have it in 2nd to work but when i apply jumpboard sometimes i feel a bit bunched in. Thanks and I look forward to more of these type workouts.
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Sorry for misspelled typing... I have misplaced my readers this morning while in my studio... oops.
Paola Maruca
fantastic....this went on top of my list....more athletic reformer with Courtney!!!!! LOve it
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Love, Love, Love! Creative and fun. Definitely at the top of my replays! Thanks Courtney :)
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OMG, this really tickled my fancy! It tickled everything in the most wonderful way! Enjoy your puppydogs!
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Love you and always love your creativity! Thanks! XOS
Praveena C
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Wow. I feel so fantastic after this workout. Had to skip a few reps though) Love Courtney's creativity and cueing...
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