Athletic Reformer Flow<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 995

Athletic Reformer Flow
Courtney Miller
Class 995

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Love the flow and use of box. Great - thanks!
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Really enjoyed watching--always like to watch Courtney's classes for new creative ways to do things. Thx
Erika Quest
AWESOME CLASS! As a fellow PA instructor, would love to see Courtney show her talents while teaching someone vs. just herself.
Courtney said next time she comes she wanted to teach others so you can count on it Erika!
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Brilliant inspiration once again. Everyone of your classes Courtney is so beautifully unpredictable, I can never guess what is coming next and there are always so many surprises and challenges! Thank you for your creativity and enthusiasm!
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Wowza! That was hard!
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Amazing,so inspired by your workout! Thanks!
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Courtney is by far my favorite instructor on Pilates Anytime. Her classes are so innovative, creative, and unique. Whenever I teach her workouts to my clients they are always beyond pleased and EXTREMELY happy.

Thanks for another fantastic class!!!
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Great class! Just what I needed to get ready for my 5k :)
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