Quick Body Re-Balance<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 996

Quick Body Re-Balance
Courtney Miller
Class 996

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Simply perfect...right after ride to beach and right before 60 mins of STEP...(yes, I still love STEP). These are all great as balance checkins. Plan to use as a warmup & cool down so my students can see how their balance an improve in just one hour of Pilates. Thank you!
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What an awesome way to start my day. Once again, Courtney Miller does it again! Many thanks to you.
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Such a Joy to watch Courtney Millers Classes , as always.
Love your delivery Courtney and your cueing is spot on .
Balance work is so Important, particularly as we get older and This short sequence Certainly packs a punch ! 10 day challenge here we go....
Love the teaser variation and will be doing this daily!
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Thanks for the best 10 minutes of my day! I have been sitting at my computer the last two hours and this was the perfect pick me up. I look forward to the 10 day challenge.
Courtney Miller
Hi everyone! So happy to hear your feedback! Please keep me posted on your progress! 10 minutes + 10 days = better balance! Enjoy!
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Always a treat to watch - thank you Courtney for more insight and inspiration!
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Lovely moves enjoyed the session , but found the hair distracting tying it back would have been more professional
Loved the class, Courtney, brief and very effective as well as creative, thank you.
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Courtney, I really enjoy your work!!!
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