Quick Body Re-Balance<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 996

Quick Body Re-Balance
Courtney Miller
Class 996

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Excellent, Courtney, as always. This classs has been a concentrated dose of great talent. I want more!
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Great mid-day pick-me-up! I feel stronger and more balanced, both body and mind. We accomplished a lot in just 10 minutes!! Thank you Courtney!
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Thank you. Just what I need and good to fit in on those rushed mornings. I can head to work guilt free:)
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I was looking for a quick class to work my legs and I got so much more. I love the standing series for strengthening areas I might otherwise neglect, posture, and balance. All this followed by some awesome abdominal strengthening--definitely keeping this class handy
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Hi Courtney! This video was amazingly spot on and efficient. A great way to incorporate balance into a Pilates class. Thank you!
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Wonderful! Thank you very much!
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Did not realize how much power we can pack into 10 minutes! Always ready for more. How about adding weights? Thanks so much,
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This is so great! Short, and totally effective. Perfect!
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Loved it!
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I wish that I could make standing Pilates look as effortless as you do! Definitely doing this every day and incorporating it into my Barre class. Thank you! :)
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