How can I watch Pilates Anytime on my TV? (FAQs)

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Can i access PA through amazon firestick? Cheers
Rachel ~ We aren't very compatible with the Amazon Firestick. I believe we have had a few members who have been able to use it, but most experience problems. The best devices to stream our videos on a TV are Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, or an HDMI cable. I hope this helps!

I'm streaming the videos to the tv from my iPhone online ( from the website - not using the app) using an HDMI. The videos stream fine when in small video mode, but when I make the videos into full page view on the phone, the TV picture is frozen, and the controls on the phone have blanked - with a message stating that 'the video is playing on my TV"

Any suggestions?

Th anks
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Sorted - use the APP!!
Hen ~ I'm glad you were able to get it working! Please let us know if you ever have any trouble in the future!
Any chance the content will be available on Amazon fire stick in the near future?
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Hi Terina, We plan to have our content available to stream on Amazon firestick soon. We will let you know once it's ready. 
Hi, I am playing videos successfully on the Mac laptop, it won't allow me to stream to the TV.  So, I have downloaded the app and am now able to stream the sound, but no picture to the TV?  Any help would be great as if I cannot watch it on the TV I am wondering if the subscription will be worth it for me.  It is a Sony TV.  
Is PA available on fire stick yet ???
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