A Journey with Multiple Sclerosis and Pilates  (Blog)

A Journey with Multiple Sclerosis and Pilates (Blog)

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Thank you! I agree - we definitely need more research on the subject. I'm especially interested in the connections that can be made with MS and stroke. There was a great article in the Washington Post on Exercise for Stroke recovery. The protocol? Pilates of course.//www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/after-a-stroke-the-expanding-role-of-exercise-in-promoting-recovery/2012/02/13/gIQADGapNS_story_2.html
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Mariska, I loved reading about your journey. I too was diagnosed with MS - in 1981. You are correct to say that they did not encourage any types of exercise at that time. However, I listened to my body and began taking yoga and low impact type cardio classes. About 15 years ago I was introduced to pilates. Between yoga and pilates, I believe, I have kept my MS under control utilizing NO medication. I do watch what I eat and take colostrum to enhance/support my immune system. I never let MS define me.
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I think the combo of yoga and pilates has reduced my stress, strengthened my body and made me healthier than I was when I was diagnosed in the 80’s. As of 8 years ago I began my certification journey in pilates and yoga. Today I teach all types of clients - preferring people with “issues” as I can relate to their pain and their journey. I have alot of clients with fibromyalgia, severe back issues, MS, arthritis and other aging issues. I love working with all of my clients. I love reading about how others have become empowered by pilates and yoga. thank you for sharing your story.
Thank you Lisa!! You have to pay the doctor, but you don't have to buy the diagnosis. It was an interesting day when I told my doctor I wasn't going to take the MS drugs anymore, and even more interesting when I got the next year's MRI results, and they were better than when I was on them. Diet and exercise can work wonders!
Its amazing when you see the MRI results improve isnt it!!? Stay healthy and keep up the positive energy!! Good luck on your journey - life is a wonderful ride!
I am so proud of you Mariska!! You are a true treasure and such an inspiration.
Thank you for sharing your inspirational story!
Thank you so much Marissa for sharing your personal experience and invaluable information on MS and Pilates I have a client with quite severe MS and will definitely be printing this one off for her to read .
Love, love, love your story and journey, thank you so much for sharing!
Thanks Carli! This post was actually an interesting beginning to a new part of the journey - Pilates for MS teacher training - coming in 2013 (thanks largely to a request made from someone who read this post)! https://www.facebook.com/PilatesForMs
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