How do I watch Pilates Anytime on my TV using Chromecast? (FAQs)

How do I watch Pilates Anytime on my TV using Chromecast? (FAQs)

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Becca B
Is it possible to cast Pilates anytime using iOS/iPhone?
Becca ~ Our app is not compatible with Chromecast but if you are on a Chrome browser on your device it should work. You can use the mobile site on this browser to stream videos. If you have any trouble, please email us at
Mark M
Is compatibility from Android App to Chromecast on your future feature list. It really would be appreciated! Especially this day and age. Everything pretty much works from app to Chromecaset now days. 
Lisa S
My PC has suddenly stopped casting this website.  All others seem to work but not this one.  Any advice?
Hi Lisa, I'm sorry you're having trouble casting. Please make sure your web browser software is up to date and that both devices are on the same network. For further assistance please email us at Thank you.
I have google chrome and regualry cast for netflix and other streaming devices. However, I reguarly have trouble trying to cast a video from pilates anytime. I can cast the website ok but as soon as I go to cast video it doesn't register. It's intermittent - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It has been very frustrating. I have a 4 month old and have at times spent 30 mins just to try and get it to work. I've turned off my computer and on again. I close down browsers and open again to no avail. I have latest version of Chrome Browser. But the time I somehow get it to work I can't do the workout because my baby is awake. Help. I'm not getting to do any pilates. 
Hi Katherine, I'm sorry you're having issues streaming through Chromecast. What device are you using to cast to your TV? Please email us at if you continue to have issues. 
I'm casting the videos I'm watching to Chromecast through Chrome on my tablet but when the video is over it doesn't register as "watched" in the websiteor my account. How can this be fixed? I'd really like to have a priper history of the classes I've watched.
Melinda H
Has anyone managed to chrome cast a Pilates session from an iPhone. I have a smart tv with chrome cast on the same network. I can stream from YouTube but for some reason anytime Pilates simply will not bring up the chrome cast icon. It only wants to use airplay but that tv is in a different room. I’ve spent hours on this and about to either cancel this trial which has been unsuccessful or buy a tv. I think I might cancel. Not sure why I can cast elsewhere but not here. 
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