Somatic Movement and Pilates (Blog)

Somatic Movement and Pilates (Blog)

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Wow this is really cool. I am currently reading "The Emotion Code" maybe you have heard of it? But the point is that people need to be healed in way that traditional methods are not addressing. People are searching. To be able to apply my Pilates knowledge to search out stuck emotions that are causing harm to one's body is a real blessing. And my goal is to become an emotional code healer. Love this and thanks for sharing!
I agree. I've been working on this for 20 years, and most recently have noticed a huge increase in awareness and interest. In fact, I'm doing seminars and workshops on this subject.
Thank you for your reply
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I am a firm believer that our minds have immense power and can affect our physical outcomes. Love this article! I will most definitely put this to use! Thanks!
Thanks for sharing! I really would like to learn more about this! Like Lisa I believe that the mind can be a wonderful healer.
Any reading suggestions to learn more?
Hi Claudia! Pick up a copy of Louise Hay Heal Your Body.
Also, watch for more workshops my studio is doing on the subject. Thank you for your comment!
Thanks a lot Risa! For sure I will read this book.
Maybe there will be this kind of workshop on Pilates Anytime?
Hope so Claudia! Thank you again.
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Marchel, thank you so much for this wonderful blog. It expresses my conversation with Gia so beautifully! 
Carla Mullins
good article, So important for us to allow people to invite themselves into their own body and experience. It is amazing how often we are removed from our personal space and place by the expectations of performance
Denee D Hi! I'm so happy these blogs/info resonates with you. I have a series on PA in the Mindful Movement section called Move into Ease. You can just look up my name under teachers to find it. I think you will appreciate the psycho-physical lens. I also do a lot of work with the organs and have workshops on that too. That aligns with the book you mentioned. We are human beings not bodies. Everything we are grows together and we express ourself holistically. I'm offering a workshop virtually July 9th called Exploring Support. Recording available if you can't make it. You can find the details on my website Thank you for reading this and being a light in the world! 
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