Pelvic Floor for Strength
Leah Stewart
Class 4156

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Excellent prenatal class! This is so needed and so few people know these kinds of pre-natal principles. Thank you so much - this was outstanding!
Thank you for this class. I love your clarity and joy.!!  I am an older mum and find  seated cross legged quite difficult ....any suggestions???  Good luck with the new baby 
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Great class Leah! You explain so well. I'm not pregnant. I did the class to satisfy my curiosity. It was a nice exploration. I found some of your moves and exercices could be used in some regular Pilates classes to raise awareness about the pelvic floor. Thank you!
This class was everything my preggy body needed! Especially all the mobility in the pelvis and feet!! Loved it! 
Thank you Leah! This series has been such a wonderful combination of physical exploration + thoughtful explanation for the prenatal body. I'm also 32 weeks, 2nd baby, and love going deeper into the wide range of movements that are safe and beneficial for us mamas. Love all your classes on PA and the care you put into creating an exciting new series with each pregnancy. Best of luck with your next adventure!!
Thank you Leah,
I am 43yo and having two pregnancies later in my life has weakened my pelvic floor muscles so I have to work extra hard to keep the incontinence at bay.
I love your cueing, in depth explanation that helps to thoroughly understand our bodies and the way our muscles work in this particular area. 
Love your work!
Hi Leah - are your pelvic floor classes appropriate for clients with diastisis recti?
Thanks Leah. Great explanations of the pelvic floor etc! I've got to say I found this class quite hard on my back and didn't always feel stable completing some of the more elaborate moves with lots of lifts and twists (second trimester, second pregnancy, recently back at pilates after a break ). 
Shelley M Yay, Shelley! I am so happy that you enjoyed the class, and I couldn't agree more about the importance of sound pelvic floor education and dynamic exercises. Thank you for taking the time to let me know your feedback. 
Sharon C Hi Sharon, my apologies for the delayed response. If sitting crossed legged is difficult, I would first suggest that you sit on a pillow or cushion so that your bottom is elevated and then extend your knees slightly so that the angle and hinge at the knee joint is more forgiving, this should help the position be much more comfortable.
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