Reformer Workout
Christi Idavoy
Class 2605

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I need to be honest. I did not feel this was not a level 2, deliberate pace. It was way to slow, especially on the foot work. Very basic. We (friend has back pain) almost did 20 reps of each slow exercise before, she went to the next one. She was not giving lots of cues, but time with nothing being said. So we ended up doing our own variations. We just did Brent's back reformer classes & level 1/2 they were amazing and tons of great cueing. I really like her roll back work on the box facing straps and her standing spine extension at the end! This class just needs to be changed to Level 1 slow pace and or back issues.
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Sarah ~ Thank you for your feedback. After reviewing this video, we have decided to keep it at a Level 2, Deliberate pace. The concepts in this class are more advanced than a beginning class, so one should have a good foundation for their practice before taking this class. Also, a beginner would need a lot more explanations and cueing. Christi provided time to explore the concepts and to feel what is going on in your body. Brent's classes are also great, and I am glad that you enjoyed his classes! He will be back soon to film more classes, and I hope you enjoy those too!
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This felt more like a tutorial than a workout. While I think it could be useful for practitioners, I didn't feel like I got a good home workout with this one.

That said, Christi seems like she is an excellent teacher of teachers!
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I agree with Sarah. This class ways very slow and felt like a beginner session.
Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts and feelings. I often think about the differences between beginner vs advanced and I think a lot has to do with the perspective we are looking from. Often slowing down and deeply connecting to movement is a very advanced practice as when we are beginners we need to get the movements into the body before we can refine them. I also understand that as an advanced class many may be looking for something physically strenuous without the attention to detail. Good thing PA has so many gifted teachers for all of our appetites! Thanks again!!
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Even the most advanced practitioner needs to slow down and take the time to listen to their bodies and notice details that can be ignored when moving fast and with heavy springs. Your class achieved that perfectly. Thank you so much! I always learn something new from you Christi.
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I think others have said this as well, but I will reiterate. This is great if you are looking to improve your form and balance. However, if you are looking for a workout I would suggest going elsewhere. I think it should be re-categorized as a Tutorial rather than a class so that expectations are set properly up front.
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Christi Idavoy thank you so very much for this wonderful class. Your cueing is wonderfully succinct. The imagery you use resonates very well with me and I simultaneously found more ease and depth in my movements during this class. Thank you for guiding my movement practice today (and likely many more days to come!).
Lovely class. Thank you Christi Idavoy  - great for my Polestar observation hours log too! x
Wonderful class! Please more of those!
I sponge up your remarks,  always a revelation. I like the pace as  it leaves time to absorb with body and mind and I enjoy the movements and how my body feels after your classes. 
Thank you very much!!!👍🏻👏🏻🙏🏻
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